I am building what I hope will eventually become both a resource and community to share tools and tips of the trade for writing effective programs in Java to help you deal with your data analytics needs.

I have been programming in Java since 2002, and I have also been working in the pharmaceutical industry over the last 10 years. During that time, I have supported a wide variety of clients from early discovery, clinical safety and pharmacovigilance, to most recently working on building easy to use text-analytics based applications for non-expert users.

Over the years, I felt that I had developed quite the knack for quickly assessing data problems and figuring out a way to programmatically find simple solutions. While working as a data scientist before that title was coined, I felt that this was the time for me to share my knowledge and experience with others. Whether you come from a programming background and find the need to learn a little more about statistics, or you are a statistician who wants to gain a stronger foundation in programming in order to be more effective on their teams, hopefully we have something for individuals in both camps.

I have trained several Ph.D. candidate statistics interns over the last couple years how to program in Java so that they could be more productive working with me and that has spurred me to kick off this project.

Please check back frequently. I plan to write at least one article a week, and I would love to hear your feedback and comments. You can follow me on Twitter for updates and to share your thoughts. I am happy to consider guest contributors as well.

Jeffery Painter

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